Live embroidery stitching of giveaways

Live embroidery stitching for BMW Motorrad Milano 2006

Experience the sensation of live embroidery stitching as we transform textile giveaways into durable, appealing, and meaningful gifts right in front of your guests.

We use embroidery stitching to individualise almost any textile clothing or accessory from polo shirts, T-shirts and jackets to hats, gloves, baseball caps, scarves, bags, towels, socks, and aprons.

Leveraging our precise technical equipment, premium quality threads, and extensive expertise, we can craft top-notch embroideries on the material of your preference, be it delicate silk or durable workwear.

We bring unique designs, logos, or lettering to life on-site in just a few minutes, making giveaways special and meaningful.

Perceived value and performance

Embroidery has a long and rich history often associated with skilled craftsmanship and traditional practices. Embroidered items transmit a sense of timelessness, which adds to their perceived value.

People often associate needlework with special occasions and milestones in their lives. Thus the sentimental value attached to the events enhances the appreciation of the object. Due to their personalised nature and the effort to create them, embroideries are often considered thoughtful and meaningful gifts. 

The texture of embroidered designs adds a tactile element to the item. This enriches the overall sensory experience and makes it more appealing to the touch. Therefore, gifting a custom-embroidered item will facilitate an emotional connection, leaving a lasting, tangible impression.

Live embroidery stitching Sparkasse
Live embroidery stitching for Sparkasse

Live embroidery takes the lead in our lineup of events and services as the most ordered live event. After all, it has been our specialty for 25 years. 

Customer feedback highlights themes of traffic at the stand, affluence, and curiosity. Notably, impressive results are evident in all key performance indicators measured by the clients during and after the event.

The most compelling evidence of our success is that two out of three companies are repeating the event multiple times over a year.

Our recommendations

We recommend this live event for expansive stand setups. For a configuration that involves multiple machines, allocate 4-6 square meters of space. As soon as a large group of visitors enters the location, a substantial queue will form within minutes, requiring additional space.

The number of personalized items per event day ranges from 200 to 300, depending on factors such as material, font size, name length, and handling. The typical time spent on personalization falls within the range of 5 to 8 minutes.

In lead generation, the ample time frame provides excellent opportunities for your team to forge new connections, acquire new registrations and leads or deliver demos. It proved remarkable effectiveness in achieving thought-leadership on a topic, increasing brand awareness among prospects. 

Live embroidery stitching for Ferring

You're in good company

“The live embroidery of baseball caps on the 6th ECR day was a complete success. Our concerns that such an action would not be well received by the high-ranking participants in the congress were completely unnecessary and we were unable to meet all requests. 

We would like to thank you for the good advice, the professional and competent execution. We will definitely repeat the campaign.”

Liane Beyer – Business Development

“The quality of the work, the friendliness and reliability of your staff and the smooth handling throughout the entire operation were excellent. 

As a result, we were able to generate an extraordinary number of contacts with potential customers. You contributed a crucial part to the success of our events.”

Marco Gottschall  – Marketing Operations

“Looking back, we can tell you that the campaign was a huge success. The Elbro caps were literally ripped out of our hands since the demand was greater than expected. Even weeks after the trade fair, we received many positive reactions and orders. 

We can say that the Elbro trade fair stand had high visitor frequencies and high-quality interested parties due to this attraction.”

Manuela Gremlich, Executive assistant

Deliver the hands-on experience at your next event

live embroidery stitching Ferring Barcelona 2010

Before submitting an inquiry, kindly ensure that you can provide us with an area measuring 4-6 square meters and access to a 220V powerline at the designated location.

We manage our bookings in a waitlist system. You can anticipate an email notification within 24 hours, informing you about the feasibility of scheduling your event with us on the selected date.