Live sublimation printing of giveaways

Live sublimation printing for Sparkasse

Experience the magic spectacle of live sublimation printing, where we capture a snapshot of your customers’ presence at your event and print it onto a giveaway to create a personalized treasure on the spot. Deliver a vibrant, full-color photo on an useful, long-lasting gift with high personal value.

We offer a range of items to choose from, including ceramic mugs and piggy banks, as well as mousepads, umbrellas, bottles, and keyrings.

After having their pictures taken. your customers will love the magic show from the heat press and the showcase area where they can pick up their cool gifts.

Captivate your audience

We deliver visually captivating designs with sublimation printing. A distinct aspect of the printing method is the transformation of colours. When we transfer the design onto the substrate, it comes to life with vibrant and vivid colours. The process can be truly mesmerizing to watch.

To add an element of excitement, we sometimes reveal only a part of the design before the heat-pressing process. Then we fully unveil the final printed product. This element of surprise creates anticipation and adds to the spectacle’s overall impact.

Live sublimation printing for Sparkasse
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Sublimation printing produces high-definition prints with sharp and crisp details. The process uses water-based ink that becomes an integral part of the fabric or substrate. As a result, it increases resistance to fading, peeling, or cracking over time, delivering a vibrant, full-color design that makes the gift durable and long-lasting.

Although the initial setup costs for sublimation printing may seem high, it becomes cost-effective in events anticipating a large turnout. This makes it an economical choice for giveaways where bulk quantities are often needed.

Live sublimation printing is usually employed to concentrate and captivate public audiences and build awareness. Additionally, it has proved excellent engagement when measured in number of touchpoints made by each attendee and remarkable effectiveness in collecting customer data and instant feedback through polls, quizzes, surveys, Q&A sessions and exploratory customer interviews.

Technical specifications

We recommend this live event for expansive stand setups. In a standard configuration, there are 4 areas: a photo booth, a laptop and printer area, a heat press area and the showcase area. Please allocate at least 6 square meters of space.

The number of personalized items per event day depends on your chosen giveaway. In the case of ceramic mugs and piggy banks, we can deliver up to 36 items per hour.

Please note that the showcase area is necessary to allow the cooling of the finished items. A queue or crowd will form within minutes. This provides an excellent opportunity for your team to gather data and engage the audience only as long as there is sufficient space available.

Live sublimation printing for TÜV SÜD

You're in good company

“I have to compliment you again for your excellent advice and assessment of customer options and needs. The W+M employees stood in line and sometimes even had group photos taken. There were a lot of conversations around our event location, it was always busy and the interest led, as expected, to our product. A special thank you once again to your staff, who handled the technical process, organizational matters and customer contact extremely skillfully and in a friendly manner.”

Rudolf Junker – Sales-Trade-Domestic operations

“Your team played a key role in our success at the trade fair. The high-quality mouse pads, printed live with our VR logo and photos of trade fair visitors, were a real hit with young and old. Thanks to the tireless efforts of your employees – always friendly despite the large number of visitors – a total of 400 mousepads were printed on both days of the trade fair. With the donations received, we support the KlinikClowns e.V. association.”

Markus Tumbach – Marketingleiter VR- Bank Lech-Zusam

“The shop and the customization corner were very well received by everyone. We have received nothing but good feedback, both from customers and colleagues.

The event will certainly be requested or planned more often in the future. The promoters did a great job. We are very satisfied. Thank you also for your entire organizational work.”

Cansu Koguk – Manager Events, Messen & Kooperationen

Bring the press to your next event

Live sublimation printing for Sparkasse Neustadt

Before submitting an inquiry, please make sure that you can provide us with a working area of at least 6 square meters as well as access to a 220V powerline at the designated location.

We manage our bookings in a waitlist system. You can anticipate an email notification within 24 hours, informing you about the feasibility of scheduling your event with us on the selected date.