Short guide to a successful event

25 years of delivering an unprecedented service have taught us a lot about what it takes for a live event to be successful. Initially, our emphasis was on orchestrating the crucial elements that set an optimal stage for outstanding performances.

Repeatedly, we’ve demonstrated that placing our clients’ teams in the right environment, coupled with an abundance of resources and a dedicated support team, empowers them to consistently achieve stellar results.

Live embroidery stitching baseball caps for Ferring
the secret formula for a live event's success

One common reaction we encounter when we talk about events is, “Do they actually work?” This skepticism stems from many companies that invested substantial resources in events that yielded poor results.

In a live event setting, the capacity to perform is directly proportional to each of these four pillars of success. In addition, the relationship between the four factors in this equation means that adjustments to either factor will drastically affect overall performance. If either one of these factors is zero, the result is zero. 

Four secrets of our success

We have a reputation for forming huge queues and crowds anywhere.

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Live embroidery stitching gloves for ESWE

AutoCrew has characterized our event together as a magnet for the public. The queue formed at Ferring’s stand in Rome has temporarily jammed the entrance to the fair. A brand activation for ESWE has blocked a street in the centre of München for hours. 

It’s typically the activity that captures people’s attention. And we are always busy because we individualize giveaways. Since we also charm audiences with the show of personalization and interactive meet-and-greet sessions, it’s always a packed atmosphere. 

However, it takes much more than a great show to keep people at your stand. Ergo offered a free reflective backpack from recycled plastic, extra durable, fully waterproof, with your name on it. This would probably keep you at their stand if you rode a bicycle daily. 

It’s also a topic you would address in a casual conversation with a member of our team. Our staff is just as well trained in delivering a pleasant first interaction as it is in screening the audience for marketing qualified leads. This example illustrates the type of opportunity available for your team at our live event.

live embroidery stitching for Ergo - reflective backpack
Live embroidery stitching first aid kits for Ferring

We love to engage and entertain your customers as your brand's ambassadors.

We welcome guests and spend a few moments to recognize and appreciate their presence at the stand as your valued customers. One key factor in engagement and entertainment is authenticity. 

We scout the industry for individuals who exude traits like politeness, friendliness, cheerfulness, spontaneity, and a great sense of humour. Through interviews, we handpick natural-born ambassadors. We train them to use our machines and we teach them the secrets of delivering a powerful first impression.

Live embroidery stitching teddy bears for Ferring
Live embroidery stitching caps for SAP

Another key element in delivering a profound, enduring impression of your brand is consistency. A customer will not notice a difference between your staff and ours. Because we are all its ambassadors.

In each given moment of a live event, we are all the face, the tone of voice, the attitude of your brand as well as an expression of its mission and values. We were aware of it long before brand guidelines were an industry standard so we perfected methods in careful selection, extensive training and agile planning.

We believe in the power of the experience: the emotion and sensations involved in the interaction with your brand.

Live embroidery stitching caps for Sparkasse
Live embroidery stitching winter gloves for ESWE

Great customer service follows best practices like valuing customers’ time, having a pleasant attitude, and providing knowledgeable resources, as well as taking things a step further to exceed — rather than just meet — expectations.

But in a live event setting, active listening, proactive helpfulness, creative problem-solving while maintaining a positive attitude and a quick reaction are equally important.

The success of a powerful experience in a brief interaction requires extensive practice in interpersonal influence. Its foundation is demonstrating competence and professionalism at every step, treating your customer fairly, with respect and trust while truly understanding his needs. 

It also relies on the rule of reciprocity: thanking people for their loyalty to your brand. And most importantly, rewarding their loyalty with an item that they will truly appreciate.

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Live diamond drag engraving pens Volksbank

We provide useful, long-lasting gifts with high personal value for the holder.

The pen, the keyring, and the water bottle wear your customer’s name. The coffee mug is special because it wears a photo memory of a moment of joy, his favourite place, or his loved ones. They are not everyday items anymore; now they carry individual significance alongside your brand.

This is the assurance that your gift will be utilized and retained well beyond the event. As a result, your brand seamlessly integrates into your customer’s daily life.

Live embroidery stitching cap for BMW Motorrad

The value of your brand is not a reflection of the price of the item. Instead, it is embedded in the quality of personalization, the material used in production, the quality of the finishing, and the durability of the item.

Today, our assurance we can deliver gifts that align with your standards is an advanced asset management system, a meticulous supplier selection, standard industry tools and machinery. Yet the crucial factor is the operation: training, planning and testing.

Your brand is in good hands

“In 2001, eventum provided baseball caps with individual name embroidery at four consumer exhibitions in Hesse.

The craftsmanship and great sales talent of your team ensured that our events ran smoothly at all times. The personal, strong commitment of the promoters certainly contributed to the success of our four trade fair appearances in Hesse. We will certainly repeat the actions in a similar form.”

Wolf Schuppar, Chief of Marketing

The event you recommended was much more successful than we could have imagined. With your help, Honeywell has always been able to create a convincing trade fair appearance and achieve significant success with customers.

Your team showed tireless commitment. The friendliness and reliability of your employees have contributed significantly to the success of every trade fair. We hope for continued trusting cooperation.

Astrid Hoffman-Leist AHL marketing

“My colleagues and I would like to thank you for your committed contribution to the success of our event. Your extensive and competent advice in creating the cap design, the smooth completion of all customs formalities for Switzerland as well as the perfectly organized and carried out embroidery campaign on site left a lasting impression on us. The quality of the giveaways was also convincing: a very good price-performance ratio for imported goods!

Stephan Pohl, Chief Revenue Officer

We'd love to hear about your next event

Simona Jeckel Event Manager

Since most clients have very specific questions before booking an event, we prioritize client inquiries and flexible scheduling. Given the varied demands of clients within different time zones, we understand the need for flexibility.

Introductory calls typically span 30-40 minutes. Share your preferred time a few days in advance, and we’ll reserve a slot on our agenda to ensure a  convenient interaction.