Giveaways for live events

Reach out with a powerful connecting experience, to the bonding point that rises above your product

Live embroidery stitching caps for BMW Motorrad

Our story began a long time ago, in an era of industry leaders busy building brands where emotions fuel decisions. Our mission was to enable a powerful connection through a successful live event. We strived to be the trusted partner that empowers businesses to deliver a lasting impression.

Today, our success is rooted in delivering proven solutions through careful planning and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Amidst our European journey, we take pride in being the trusted partner to Germany's top brands.

personalized giveaways for live events

Giveaways for live events

We provide giveaways for live events, catering primarily to marketing departments. Our extensive database today boasts over 90,000 items, all available for personalization and individualization, sourced from a carefully chosen pool of 255 producers. 

Although the task may appear challenging at first glance, we’ve been successfully managing it every day for the past 25 years. Our emphasis has been on simplifying the necessary information and streamlining the process to guarantee a smooth and tailored experience, designed specifically for marketers.

This is our small guide containing some key insights we’ve gained, along with our top suggestions.

Fit it to your event's priorities

For some clients, especially in B2B, the pivotal aspect of a live event lies in the speed of personalization. Therefore, the primary requirement for their chosen item is that it can be personalized in under one minute.

For clients anticipating a sizable audience at their event, the primary concern revolved around the cost of branded items. Through negotiations with the manufacturer for higher volumes, we successfully achieved the desired cost for the final product.

Furthermore, we secured special conditions for clients with specific requirements for the finished product. In certain instances, we successfully struck the optimal balance between the cost of the product and the speed of the live personalization.

Customized patches for Porsche Design
Personalized cap for Mercedes Benz

Fit it to your customer's needs and standards

As we gathered feedback from Helios, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW’s customers, a noteworthy discovery emerged. Items bearing our brand for over two decades, ones that have endured daily use and wear, were found to be in remarkably good condition. The best example is the Mika Häkkinen cap for Mercedes Benz produced in 2000.

Therefore today, we make consistent investments in equipment and software, adhering to the highest industry standards. Additionally, we employ an advanced asset management system to optimize the lifecycle of each item. A meticulous supplier selection process guarantees that we can deliver products that seamlessly align with any customer’s high standards. 

A best practice recommendation: choose a giveaway that is practical and useful, an item that has long-term value to the attendees, ensuring that they will use and keep the giveaway beyond the event. Prefer items that encourage engagement or interaction at the event.

The top priorities of our customers for giveaways in 2023

Sustainable product

Our primary commitment to waste reduction is based on enhancing the quality of personalization and the durability of the selected items. In addition, we prioritize suppliers who uphold sustainable practices, responsible sourcing, and a thorough evaluation of the environmental impact within the supply chain.

The best example of a sustainable product for a live personalization event is this reflective backpack with a drawstring made of durable 600D RPET polyester from recycled plastic. Fully waterproof, it’s ideal for German bicyclists commuting along busy roads and it boasts an estimated lifespan of 7 years.

If your brand aligns with environmental commitments, kindly share them. By doing so, we can not only provide you with optimal alternatives but also align our efforts for a shared vision of a better future.

5 examples of sustainable personalized items

Individualized reflective backpack for Ergo
Individualized keyring for Bayern LB

Ultra-fast individualization

We meticulously calibrate and test our equipment to achieve industrial-speed performance while maintaining the highest quality standards for the finished product. Before each event, we conduct numerous tests and consistently fine-tune the timing of every live personalization process.

This keyring arrived pre-branded and we only had 4 days for testing and calibrating. During the event, it only took 27 seconds from the moment Maximilian greeted our staff until he held the finished product in his hand.

A super-fast individualization relies on three key ingredients. First, the quality of the equipment together with a thorough calibration and extensive testing. Second, the choice of technology, be it laser or diamond drag engraving. Third, the efficiency is drastically enhanced by focusing on a small engraving area.

5 examples of personalized items for fast individualizations


Our database boasts over 90,000 items ready for personalization and individualization, sourced from 255 meticulously chosen producers. Some giveaways may have a minimum order requirement, and in many instances, the price aligns with the order volume and the delivery time to be met. Therefore, understanding our client’s expected audience size is crucial, primarily when anticipating higher numbers, due to these factors. 

In the past year alone, we’ve accomplished 18 successful live personalization events, all with the primary condition that the cost of the giveaway remains under 3 euros, including individualization.

For events anticipating a large turnout, the most popular giveaways often include key rings, pens, bags, baseball caps, mugs, bottles, cups, and piggy banks.

5 examples of inexpensive personalized items for a large turnout

Individualized felt keyring for Sparkasse

The special conditions for giveaway items

Multiple branding placements

The most frequently requested special condition involves placing the branding on giveaways in multiple locations. Take Scorpion, for instance; they had four crucial elements — the company logo, company tagline, top product logo, and product tagline. Additionally, the fifth element was the individualization.

In such cases, a cost-effective approach to streamline production is to optimize transport costs, allowing sufficient time for delivery. Another strategy is to meticulously align each placement with the manufacturer’s recommended size and choice of material.

The ideal items for more than 2 placements are baseball caps, polo shirts and carry-on bags.

5 examples of personalized items with multiple placements

Individualized multiple placements cap
Unique handmade pepper mill

Handmade items

One of our top recommendations for best practices is to recognize your customer and reward them with an item that matches their standards. Drawing from 25 years of customer feedback, we also suggest opting for items with a longer lifespan and generally prefer unique household items. 

Thanks to recent technological advances and ongoing machinery improvements, individualizing certain handmade items has become a viable option. The primary challenge when choosing handmade items is, understandably, the volume constraint. A smaller producer may face limitations in producing, accommodating, and shipping large orders. 

In such situations, best practices involve providing ample time for delivery and maintaining regular follow-ups on the manufacturing progress.

5 examples of handmade personalized items

A customer's product

The only time in our company’s history when we personalized a client’s items was for Porsche Design. This was possible only because all of their products had the necessary ISO certifications, quality stitching, and high-quality materials. Additionally, we had ample time and enough items to test everything before the event.

For this event, we opted for our most versatile solution: the mobile laser. Its adaptability allows us to work with a variety of materials, including wood, glass, acrylic, synthetic materials, metal, and stainless steel. 

Meeting the project’s demands, our team showcased exceptional technical skills in operating the system, particularly on high-quality items. The super-fast individualization was only achievable through hours of staff training, equipment calibration, and meticulous organization of presets for each item.

See how we customized on the spot every product for sale in Porsche Design’s shop with live laser personalization

Individualized Porsche Design wallet

We'd love to talk about your personalized giveaway!

Individualized backpack for Ergo

Firstly, kindly inform us of your estimated budget and the expected quantity of items you require.

If you have any specific items in mind for personalization or any ideas about multiple items, please do share them with us.

However, if you don’t have any particular items in mind, you can give us some key insights about your target audience, and we’ll provide you with a few tailored proposals.

Please inform us of all specific requirements for the finished product, so we can run the extra mile to fulfil your needs.