Live diamond drag engraving of giveaways

Live diamond drag engraving Endress+Hauser

Experience the swift and captivating process of live diamond drag engraving, where metallic items are transformed into durable and meaningful gifts right in front of your guests.

We use diamond drag engraving to individualise almost any metallic giveaway from keyrings and pens to USB sticks, business card holders, lighters, and pocket multi-tools.

Your audience can watch on-site the fast, precise engraving of initials, names, or short messages. When we say fast, we mean under-30-seconds-per-item fast.

Bring in the lead express

In our portfolio, live diamond drag engraving is the most effective tool for lead generation and building loyalty in very small setups. Whether at conventions, conferences, a small shop, or a local branch, this method surpasses targets and ensures success.

For modest companies and start-ups, the “quick, small, and great” approach may seem enticing. We initially shared this perspective and tailored our campaigns accordingly. However, we learned otherwise. Notable customers who embraced this type of live event included Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Sparkasse, Endress+Hauser, Manpower, SAP, and Volksbank.

What’s noteworthy is that according to their feedback forms, their customers were pleasantly surprised by the exceptional setup they received, exceeding their expectations.

Live diamond drag engraving for Sparkasse 2010
Live diamond drag engraving pens for Volksbank

Ensuring a positive and memorable customer experience in swift interactions hinges on three critical elements: the opening, the delivery of the item and the quality of the personalized item.

Just like embroidery, an engraving adds a tactile element to the item. This enriches the overall sensory experience, making it more appealing to the touch, thus enhancing its value.

Engraved giveaways are excellent gifts for recognition programs. Whether it’s a customer or an employee, personalized engraving is an extremely fast and effective tool to build a stronger connection to your brand.

Technical specifications

We recommend this live event for compact stand setups. As evident in all the pictures, our equipment is no larger than a standard office printer.

During each event day, the number of personalized items can surpass 600. The typical time spent on personalization usually ranges between 20 to 30 seconds.

Live diamond drag engraving provides excellent opportunity for your team to create new connections fast. We highly recommend diamond drag engraving for situations in which your audience insights reveals busy individuals or categories constantly facing time constraints. 

Live diamond drag engraving for SAP

You're in good company

“The use of your live events has clearly exceeded our high expectations. Our appearances have become enormously more attractive thanks to the personalized giveaways and have developed immense advertising effectiveness. 

As a result, we were able to generate an extraordinary number of contacts with potential customers at both events.

Marie-Louise Schütt – Global Marketing & Corporate Communication

“That was awesome” was the first reaction from our colleagues the day after the event. Even one day later, all employees in the office were still overwhelmed by the huge customer response to this successful addition to our open day on the occasion of the local trade exhibition. The line of people waiting patiently didn’t let up on both days.

Our expectations for this campaign were not only met, but exceeded. “

Marita Bippus – Events Organisation

“We would like to thank you very much for the excellent cooperation at the financial symposium in Mannheim. The stand campaign where our customers had a personal key ring engraved was a very a successful trade fair appearance.

We can highly recommend your company as a professional partner for trade fair stand campaigns.”

Daniela Holzer, Marketing and Roadshow management

Deliver the express at your next event

Live diamond drag engraving for Ferring, London

Before submitting an inquiry, kindly ensure that you can provide us access to a 220V powerline at the designated location.

We manage our bookings in a waitlist system. You can anticipate an email notification within 24 hours, informing you about the feasibility of scheduling your event with us on the selected date.