Empower your brand to engage through Emotion

Reach out with a powerful connecting experience, to the bonding point that rises above your product

Live embroidery stitching caps for BMW Motorrad

Our story began a long time ago, in an era of industry leaders busy building brands where emotions fuel decisions. Our mission was to enable a powerful connection through a successful live event. We strived to be the trusted partner that empowers businesses to deliver a lasting impression.

Today, our success is rooted in delivering proven solutions through careful planning and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Amidst our European journey, we take pride in being the trusted partner to Germany's top brands.

Deliver the powerful live experience of your brand

eventum® is a German marketing support agency providing live personalisation events across Europe, since 1999.

We empower brands to deliver an impactful live experience to audiences while driving success in their mix of marketing goals.

We seamlessly integrate your brand into your customers' daily lives through a useful, long-lasting gift with high personal value.

Live embroidery stitching first aid kits for Ferring
Live embroidery stitching baseball caps for Ferring

We captivate audiences with our live customization show. As soon as the guests line up in a queue, we engage them by warmly recognizing each person as your valued customer.

Live embroidery stitching first aid kits for Ferring

We work closely with your team, establishing an authentic personal connection as your brand ambassadors. In due time we deliver an unforgettable experience by customizing a gift right before their eyes. 

Live diamond drag engraving pens Volksbank

As a token of appreciation, we offer an everyday item that now also holds personal significance. As a result, your brand will seamlessly integrate into your customer’s daily life. 

Employ efficiency-driven Excellence

The right environment, and a dedicated support team with the right resources, will drive your team to consistently achieve outstanding results.

We deliver optimal setups for teams to forge new connections, engage targets, and generate or convert marketing-qualified leads at trade fairs, conventions, and conferences. Our expertise extends to aiding global companies in expanding into European markets—be it by elevating brand awareness among prospects or establishing thought leadership on specific topics for attendees.

Flawlessly executing brand activations, we've turned popularity into emotion through live personalization events in shops, showrooms, and local branches to build customer loyalty and brand preference for Germany's top companies.

Live diamond drag engraving USB sticks for Sparkasse

Discover our live personalisation events

Our live personalization events are high-impact marketing tools dressed in flawless service and discreet entertainment. Their primary purpose is to help you concentrate an audience and emotionally engage it to leave a profound, enduring impression.

Live embroidery stitching teddy bears for Ferring
Live embroidery stitching winter gloves for ESWE

Experience the sensation of live embroidery stitching as we transform textile giveaways into precious, highly personal gifts right in front of your guests.

In lead generation, the ample time frame provides excellent opportunities for a team to forge new connections, acquire new leads or deliver demos to marketing qualified leads.
Livestick has achieved remarkable results in achieving thought leadership on a topic, increasing brand awareness among prospects, data collection and registrations.
Live laser engraving multiple giveaways for Porsche Design

Experience the versatility of live laser engraving, where multiple giveaways from diverse categories and materials are transformed into meaningful gifts using just one piece of equipment.

The true potential of the mobile laser is revealed when it is faced with a diverse audience in interests.
Livelaser effectiveness extends well beyond lead generation and building awareness, It has proven to be a valuable tool in increasing in-shop sales, customer loyalty and brand preference. 

Experience the swiftness of live diamond drag engraving, where useful small metallic giveaways are instantly turned into powerful reminders of a new partnership.

Live diamond drag engraving offers an excellent opportunity for a small team to forge a significant number of new connections in a short time frame.
We particularly recommend livegraph in situations where your audience insights indicate busy individuals or multiple categories constantly facing time constraints.

Experience the fun of live sublimation printing, where we capture a snapshot of your client’s life and transform it into a daily companion on a truly unique giveaway.

We amp up the fun and memorability of the live experience with ‘avatar apps.’ Transforming a picture into an avatar is a surefire way to evoke smiles, creating a positive connection with your brand.
Liveprint is typically utilized to concentrate and captivate public audiences while building loyalty. Moreover, it has proven impressive engagement statistics.

You're in good company

“Eventum always delivers high quality products in a very friendly and professional manner. Presented with numerous challenges in the pharmaceutical congress world with ever-changing regulations, it has been my experience while working at Ferring that Eventum has come up with innovative and successful solutions over several different projects. To generate stand traffic and meaningful interactions I would certainly recommend Eventum.”

Adam Maguire – Global Brand Manager 

“We were pleased with all aspects of the arrangement from the quality of the materials, machinery, personnel and logistics. The staff were very polite, well organised and a welcome addition to our team.

I can recommend Eventum as a professional company dealing with high quality product which we were satisfied met the high standards required to represent the BMW Brand.”

Conor McRory, BMW Motorrad Manager Ireland

“Thanks to your efforts, our events have become a lasting memory. We are happy to have found such a reliable, competent and professional partner like you. We would like to thank you for the successful cooperation over the last few years. With the personalised giveaways through name engraving, embroidery or printing, we have always achieved very good results and consistently positive responses.”

Elena Horlacher, Events Organisation 

We'd love to talk about your next event

Simona Jeckel Event Manager

Since most clients have very specific questions before booking an event, we prioritize client inquiries and flexible scheduling. Given the varied demands of clients within different time zones, we understand the need for flexibility.

Introductory calls typically span 30-40 minutes. Share your preferred time a few days in advance, and we’ll reserve a slot on our agenda to ensure a  convenient interaction.