Live laser engraving of giveaways

Live laser engraving multiple giveaways for Sparkasse

Experience the flexibility of live laser engraving, where multiple giveaways from diverse product categories and materials are transformed into meaningful gifts using just one piece of equipment. 

We use live laser engraving to personalize items crafted from an extensive range of materials, including rubber, glass, acrylic, synthetic materials, metal, leather, wood, and even stainless steel.

Your audience can watch on-site the precise engraving of initials, names, or own designs, including personal photos. Our mobile laser delivers a worthy, highly personal item into your customer's hands in under 2 minutes.

Bring in the jack-of-all-trades

Live laser engraving for Porsche Design

The mobile laser proves invaluable when customer segmentation reveals a highly diverse audience with varied interests. Its versatility enables us to customize different items made from distinct materials during a single event.

Throughout the Christmas campaign, ‘A Season of Gifts,’ and various events held between 2018 and 2020 in Germany, Italy, and the UK, we personalized a wide array of products on the spot in Porsche Design shops. This included key chains, thermal cups, perfume bottles, leather gloves and jackets, shoes, travel bags, sunglasses, watches, smartphones, laptops, headphones, speakers, santoku knives, and more. Product values ranged from 30 to a few thousand euros.

Live laser engraving speakers for Helios

As a process, laser engraving provides the widest range of items for personalization. However, the remarkable flexibility of the mobile laser extends beyond the variety of materials or giveaways it can customize; it’s also reflected in the ability to adjust the speed of the process.

If your audience insights uncover multiple categories facing time constraints, selecting a single small giveaway for the entire show can lead to an average duration of one minute per personalisation and a quantity of up to 500 items per event day.

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This champion in versatility seamlessly complements stands, shops, or showrooms of all sizes. Standing just 25 cm taller than a standard office desk, the mobile laser is a compact powerhouse requiring only 1 square meter of space.

The quantity is solely determined by the shape of your selected giveaways. On average, the time spent on personalization is under a minute for 2D engravings and under two minutes for 3D engravings.

Its effectiveness extends beyond building awareness and lead generation; it has proven to be a valuable tool in increasing in-shop sales, building customer loyalty and brand preference.

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You're in good company

“I was consistently impressed with the technical skills and the necessary creativity to perfectly integrate the personalisation in the design of our products, as well as the dedication and ability to fulfill some truly complicated requests. By attracting the customers’ attention on the customization activity, we were able to produce more interest on Christmas gifts and increase the sales numbers.”

Basho Anvari – Porsche Design London Store coordinator

“Our event was a tremendous success! We have generated more contact reports than ever before. Our mousepads which were engraved with names using laser and diamond, were a big hit at the trade fair. We hadn’t expected such a big demand and we had to portion out the promotional items after the first day. 

I’m confident we have shown a best in class performance over-all.”

Alois Bächle – Responsible for Trade Fairs

“The high response rate of our invitation mailing, as well as the follow-up analysis of the generated leads showed that the personalization event not only increased the number of visitors to our booth, but furthermore it could be used to generate interesting discussions. We have improved both the quantity and the quality of our team’s interactions with our audience. “

Marianne Weiss – Marketing operations Helios Ventilatoren

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Live laser engraving speakers for Helios

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