Live embroidery for Ferring in Amsterdam 2009

Deliver the hands-on experience of your brand

We personalize giveaways live in front of your customers. We use a distinctive, individual, long-lasting approach to generate emotional engagement and a personal connection to your brand.

The most common locations are trade fairs, conference and convention centers, public venues, and community centers but also commercial properties such as shops, showrooms, local branches, or offices. 

Tailor the experience to your audience and goals

With each live personalization event, we create a positive and memorable experience by personalizing items right in front of your audience and delivering them straight into their hands.

We adjust the basic dynamic of the experience by timing it until it is enjoyable and seamless. In addition, we recognize your customers and reward them in the way that is most meaningful to them.

At the same time, we set up the space and time necessary for your team to engage the audience. At this particular moment, we tailor the event according to how your goals are prioritized. 

Live embroidery stitching BMW Dortmund

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Boost your brand presence with a live embroidery stitching event


Live embroidery stitching is the sensational experience of transforming a textile item into a durable, appealing, and meaningful gift right in front of your guests.

Items featuring embroidery can carry a sense of timelessness which adds to their perceived value. Embroidered items are often associated with special occasions or significant milestones, and the sentimental value attached to these events enhances the appreciation of the embroidered object. Receiving a custom-embroidered item can facilitate an emotional connection


Live laser engraving is the extravagant experience of turning diverse giveaways from various product categories and materials into meaningful gifts, using only one piece of equipment.

We use live laser engraving to personalize items crafted from an extensive range of materials, including wood, glass, acrylic, synthetic materials, metal, and stainless steel.

The mobile laser saved the day when a customer segmentation unveiled a highly diverse audience in interests. Thanks to its versatility, we were able to individualize 124 different items spanning 17 different materials during the same event.

Live laser engraving for Porsche Design
Live diamond drag engraving Endress+Hauser


Live diamond drag engraving is the swift experience of turning metallic items into a durable, appealing, and meaningful gift in front of your guests.

Wherever space is an issue, whether it’s mini set-ups at conventions and conferences or tiny stands at trade fairs, that is the perfect setting to let the metal shine.

Diamond drag engraving is a quick and efficient method for creating personalized items. It is ideal for small giveaways such as mini safes, key rings, pens, USB sticks, and business card holders, as it offers the optimal balance between production cost and speed of execution.


Live sublimation printing is the magic experience of taking a snapshot of your customers’ presence at your event, printing it onto giveaways, and creating personalized treasures instantly.

We offer a range of items to choose from, including ceramic mugs, piggy banks, mousepads, umbrellas, bottles, and keyrings. Your customers will love following their photo from the photo booth to the heat press before finally being displayed in the showcase area where they can pick up their gift.

Sublimation printing is an environmentally friendly process as well as a cost-effective solution for events with a large turnout.

Live sublimation printing for Sparkasse

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Since most clients have very specific questions before booking an event, we prioritize client inquiries and flexible scheduling. Given the varied demands of clients within different time zones, we understand the need for flexibility.

First calls typically span 30-40 minutes. Share your preferred time a few days in advance, and we’ll reserve a slot on our agenda to ensure a  convenient interaction.